Help – One to One sessions helping people with there problems


Hi all

I have been talking to people on facebook about there problems recently and I would like to invite all of you to come talk to me anytime you like about your problems and the situations your in. I am hear to help by listening and giving advice on any subject. In my life in every job I have had I have always been the guy people come to just to talk and get advice from so I realised I can do this on a much bigger scale. So hear I am.




Don’t suffer alone and never think you are alone in this world ………There’s always someone to talk to….

The video shows students having problems but please don’t think I only want to talk to students …..anyone is welcome.

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Life- The Stress of Life


We can experience a lot of stress in life , from paying the bills to arguments over petty things that seem meaningless later on or maybe where grieving for the loss of a loved one. We often think about our problems and believe we are alone and so we go on to suffer alone but this is not true. There are billions of people living in this world and you can be sure someone somewhere is going threw the same issues you are.




You can choose to reach out and talk about what your going threw. Many will find comfort in confiding in someone.




Threw talking about our issues we can feel a weight has been lifted and it can make us feel better along with helping us to move on.

Hear are some of the things I have learned in my experience to help you.

1)Always think positive

2)understand your feelings and how to deal with them.

3)Know when you can handle things on your own and when you need help.

4)Always be truthful to yourself



1) Always think positive


thinking posetive



Thinking positive will make you feel better and no matter how big your problems are they will pass, you will move on. Surrounding yourself with positive things will also help. In my experience I have tried positive music which is music that’s uplifting and energetic or music that’s calming and soothing. I have also surrounded myself with people who are always positive and happy. There positive and happy attitude would seem to effect me due to me just being near them.


2) understanding your feelings and how to deal with them.

You need to understand what made you feel the way you do. Is  it just someone’s opinion that they think in a negative way towards you and how does that effect your everyday life. If it doesn’t effect your everyday life meaning you can still have the basics i.e food, shelter, clothing ect. Then it really doesn’t matter what that person thinks. If its something much harder like a loved one has passed away then you need to deal the emotional fall out of that so surrounding yourself with positive, people ,actions, music ect will help you cope with the situation for the time being and time will heal the rest. These are just a couple of examples but if you would like to contact me just leave me a comment or email me and we can go threw your specific issues.


3)Knowing when you can handle things on your own and when you need help.




For the Harder issues like divorce, death ect. I would say always surround yourself with a good group of friends because as well as taking positive steps to make you smile  they will take your mind of your problems and yes there will be times when you will break down or when you need some time alone but don’t let yourself get stuck in these moments. reach out to friends and family and if talking to them is to hard then talk to me. I am a stranger so you don’t even have to give me your real name, just talk and if it helps you then that’s good and if it doesn’t then you don’t care right I’m just a stranger, you can stop talking to me anytime.


4) Always be truthful to yourself

Being truthful will save you time and a lot of pain. You know yourself better than anyone in the world. You know your strengths and weaknesses and your instinct will guide you. You know what you can deal with on your own and what you cant deal with. You know the kind of person you are, the real you. When you are truthful to yourself and look for the truth about how you feel and why you feel that way then you will get a clearer picture about what led you to where you are and how you can get out of your situation. Again I know there are many more complex issues people think about and they are to numerous to talk about hear so please contact me and we can talk about your specific issue and how being truthful to yourself can apply to your personal situation.

I hope everyone found this post to be helpful its just based on what I have gone threw so please like, comment, subscribe or contact me for a more one to one discussion about the stress in your life

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