Travel To The Philippines – Street kids and Foriegners


The Philippines is a third world country and so it has a lot of poverty. You will find kids living on the streets in many places from Manila to Angeles. in popular tourist spots they will be begging and asking for money. When this happened to me I did feel harassed but I also consider what these kids go threw and the life they have living on the street. I remember thinking many times in my life “how can I invest and make progress in my life with the end goal of retiring” but these kids don’t have the opportunity to make money and save let alone invest for the future.


in most parts of the country you may find Filipino people living on the street but I have also seen an American begging on the streets. he looked like the guy from sopranos on T.V you know the head of the family the actor who died recently. I felt really bad for him and I really wanted to help him as I thought what if that was me. What terrible circumstance must he have been the victim of to end up like this and he wasn’t the only one I saw in trouble in the Philippines. I remember seeing a German guy in the immigration office when I was getting my visa extended. He didn’t have the money to buy a ticket and get home. I talked to some of the girls in Angeles and Manila and they told me some foreigners are like one day millionaires. They spend all there money in one day going to the bars and drinking, living the high life but they don’t think about tomorrow and how they will pay for food and accommodation.


The street kids in the Philippines don’t have a choice as they where born and raised on the streets and don’t know anything else but the foreigners they have a way out. All they have to do is contact there embassy for help and I’m sure they can borrow the money to buy a ticket and get home. Life in the Philippines can get really hard really quick if your not careful. if you don’t set a budget for your spending and if your the victim of crime you need contingency plans to deal with these situations. I recommend having a credit card, a bank card and a person you can depend on to send you money from your home country. I use the Zero current Account from Santander and the Clarity card from the Halifax as I believe these charge no exchange rate fee’s and the only fee you pay is for using the cash machine.



I would rather buy the street kids food than give them money because many have abusive parents where there father will like to drink instead of feed the family. So if you give them food they can eat but I don’t pretend that by giving money to the street kids we can solve there problems. Just like the USA homeless people are a result of the system set up by governments. Its the failure of government that results in people living on the street.

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Life -Financial Success


Financial success has different meanings for different people but I will talk about what it means for me and how I achieved what small and limited success I have had in my life.

I was taught at the age of 16 or 17 by people around me and the education system that you need to make enough money to pay your bills and survive. I followed this advice for a time and the following diagram illustrates what I went threw.




After a time  I realised that I was not achieving anything and that the constant stress of the situation was effecting my health and my life in general. So I decided to change my life and get to a point where I can have some king of progress every year. The following diagram illustrates how I changed my life.









Now I know many people will say its impossible to do what I did and I would even get managers at my place of work saying “but how do you do that “and that’s after I have explained it to them because there minds are fixed on a certain way of living. So hears what I did.

1)I lived by necessity


3) Invested in things that make money

I’l go threw each one of these one by one and show you how its done.


1) Living by necessity

This is the most important one for me because I find this the hardest one to do and I think most people will find it hard to live by necessity. So what does it mean to live by necessity well you only spend money on things you absolutely need like food, water, electricity, gas, house tax, internet and travel to or from work. That’s it and don’t spend money on anything else. If your making a wage that only meets the national minimum wage, this will still work for you. You just can’t spend on things other than these, now I know you will have to buy clothes from time to time and that’s fine but I will say only buy clothes you will wear and only have a few pairs of clothes and shoes.


2) Saving

If you live by necessity you will have money left over to save and it may be small to begin with depending on how much you spend on your basic needs but don’t loose hope this is just the beginning. I wold say start looking for safe ways to save your money and get a return so for example you put it in bank accounts that may pay you interest even if its small its better than nothing.



When you invest in things you have 3 types of investments

a) No risk

b) Acceptable risk

c) High risk

a)no risk investments are the ones where you know you can easily get your money out anytime you like so for example if your living in London we know the house prices are constantly going up so if you buy a house there for cash you can sell it quickly without having to wait for years and without the risk of falling house prices.( now  know house prices have fallen in recent years but in London they have bounced back and grown)

b) Acceptable Risk

Again im going to use houses as and example for this. so if you buy a house in a location other than London you may get a grater percentage return in terms of rental income compared to London but the risk is a little higher as the house prices could fall. keep in mind the example is based on buying a house for cash so in the long term you can easily cope with periods with no rent which means your in a better position to wait out the bad times and wait for your house to increase in price.(location is key in this example and I use the rule” invest only in what you know” so if you don’t know the area then don’t invest there.

c) High risk investments are the ones where you have a high chance of loosing your money like  starting a business, stocks and shares ect. I have never taken high risk but I have always dodged a bullet many times as things that my look like they are acceptable risk investments may later become high risk investments and the key to avoiding these situations is research. make sure you know anything and everything you can about your potential investments. Don’t allow people or the situation your in to rush you into making decision. Take your time even if it costs a little extra money.

Listen to your instinct it will tell you when something is not right. Only invest when you feel comfortable investing.

manage your risk by planning in 3 stages how to get in , contingency’s in case things go wrong and how to get out with as much of your investment as possible.


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