Travel to Tacloban from Manila


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If you would like to know how to travel from manila in the Philippines to Tacloban then keep reading. This was meant to help people who wanted to go out there to join relief projects but if you would like to go visit as a tourist then it will also help you. There are 2 ways you can go to Tacloban the first is by airplane so I would recommend Philippines airline and if you book from Terminal 3 it should be around 4,500 peso per person. I have also tried Cebu Pacific but the prices generally seem to be higher but they get you there and journey time is 30 minutes . The second option is by bus for this you will have to go to the Bus terminal in Pasay, Manila and from there you will se signs for busses going to Tacloban. if you are not sure for any reason then just ask the bus conductor or the bus drivers and they will help you. You will board an eagle star bus to Tacloban and it should cost you around 1,200 peso. I say around 1,200 because that’s what it cost for a local person but for a foreigner the price might get a little inflated but knowing it should be 1,200 peso means you will know you are being ripped off if they ask for a lot more.  The journey time is 26 hours and you will be traveling by bus and ferry. The first part of your journey will be from Pasay to Matnog


map pili


Above you can see a Picture of the Eagle Star Bus and a map detailing the journey from Pasay in manila to Matnog. Just look at the yellow markers. Along the way The bus will stop and you will get a chance to get off, eat and go pee. To pee it costs 5 peso per person and for food your looking at paying  15 peso for rice, 70 peso for meat. 70 peso is around 1 U.K pound and around 1.56 US dollars. Vegetable dishes are 50 peso and soft drinks are around 25 peso depending on the size of the bottle. Once you get to Matnog Terminal the bus conductor should take care of everything so you don’t need to pay more for the ferry its all included but you do have to pay a terminal fee of 25 peso for one way passage so remember you will have to pay this again on your way back. You will have to wait around 2 hours for the ferry so in the meantime rest room/CR or toilets as we call them are available inside the terminal and if your hungry there’s a shop so you can buy a pot noodle for 35 peso and 5 peso for water. They also sell coffee’s and biscuits. I would advise bringing your own pack lunch as it is a long journey and it is very hard to sleep while traveling so make sure you get plenty of sleep before you set off.

The conductor of the bus will give you a ticket for the ferry and then you can board the ferry and you will also get a form to fill in. it will ask your name, gender, age, address and where your going.

As you can see its not very glamorous inside the ferry and the seats are not very comfortable.

but once you get going there’s a chance to enjoy the great view of the ocean while you travel to Allen. This is the second part of your journey from Matnog to Allen and this should take around 2 hours. From Allen you will board the eagle star bus again and it will take you to Catbalogan and then you will go from Catbalogan to Tacloban and this should take you 4 hours.


Well I hope you found this post informative. I would like to Thank a special person for providing the video footage used in this blog along with all the people currently continuing to help with the relief effort so long after the typhoon hit Tacloban.

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Travel To The Philippines – Video’s


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Hears some more video’s of my holiday in the Philippines. Please read the description for each video for more information. I got walking on the beach, cock fights, a dancing whale and Acrobats from Africa.

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I hope these video’s are informative and entertaining while showing you how you can have a great time on holiday in the Philippines. Please contact me if you would like to know how to get to these places from your current location and what you can expect to pay ect. Please like Subscribe and comment.

Travel to the Philippines – Getting from the Airport to your place of residence.


Getting from the Airport to where your staying is not that difficult and you have mainly 3 options.

1) Take a Taxi

2)Take the bus although you will have to take a taxi to the bus station

3) Get someone to pick you up in a van or a car.


Taking a Taxi

white taxi phili

This is quite easy to do as when you come out of the Airport you will find the taxi’s to your right. Although I find Taxi’s to be quite expensive its a lot cheaper than what we have in the U.K or US. Make sure you get the taxi driver to turn on the meter and another thing you can do to make sure your at least going in the right direction is to use the google maps on your cell phone or mobile phone as we call them hear in the U.K. I have used this method before but you will need access to the internet and I had a pocket wifi device with me at the time ( I will talk about pocket wifi and how to set one up in a later post). Anyway to give you some idea how much it should cost I will tell you it cost me 580 peso( £8.28 or $13.18 US Dollars) to catch a taxi to the bus station in 2010 and I had a local person with me. He did offer to take us all the way to Bulacan where I was spending my fist night for 3,000 peso which is around £42 or $68 US Dollars but as it was my first time there I didn’t know if that was reasonable or I was getting ripped off so I took the cheapest option.

Taking The Bus

bus phili

Like I said on my first Visit I was cautious so I took the cheapest option for travel just until I knew what the prices where ect. so we took the Taxi from the Airport to the bus station for 580 peso which is around £8.28 or  $13.18 US Dollars. The bus costs 55 peso(£0.78 or $1.25 US Dollars per person from Manila to Malolos in Bulacan.

Getting Someone to come pick you up in a van or a car

van phili

I did this for my other 3 visits as I realised after traveling for more than 14 hours with a 7 hour wait between flights, I am to tierd to take a bus and besides the first time I took the bus I felt sick. So how do you arrange this, well you need to have friends locally who will help you and organise this for you but the cost should be between 3000 and 3500 peso(£42 to £50 or $68 to $79 US Dollars). Its also important to note that if someone is coming to pick you up then you need to go out of the Airport, across the road and down the ramp and you will see from there that there are a lot of people waiting so that’s where you need to go.


Please keep in mind that it can take up to 4 hours to get out of Manila because the traffic is terrible but again this depends on what time you arrive and what the traffic is like on the day.

Note: Please do not allow the Taxi drivers to take you anywhere without the meter running unless you know exactly where your going and how much it should cost. I would also have a local person with me just in case it turns into an argument as the taxi drivers do try to rip off tourists. All taxi’s and some busses have Air con

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