Discount mayonaise Larry the giant worm


Hi Guys

I played this game recently and it was a lot of fun …as it was Halloween I thought this game was perfect. You get chased by a Giant worm through multiple levels and you have to kill all the enemy’s and get to the elevator. Larry the giant worm really did like scaring the shit out of me….watch the video or play the game and you will know what I mean.

I hope you enjoyed the video guys. If you would like to play the game then please check out the description of the video on youtube and you will see the link or just message me and ill send you the link.

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7 Godly Sins


Hi guys

This is a game I played recently where you have to commit the 7 deadly sins or as I call tem Godly sins. I manage to commit sloth by doing nothing hahahaha …but will I manage to bed a women to achieve lust…well watch and find out.

Well I hope you enjoyed watching the video…If you would like to play the game then please check out the video description on youtube for the link  or comment in the comment section and ill reply as soon as I can.

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Strike force heroes Part2


Hi all

I forgot to post part 2 on hear so I hear goes….I hope you like it…the game is great although I couldn’t finish it as it was really hard at the end. So I invite you to play it and see if you can complete the last level…I couldn’t do it…can you?

I hope you enjoyed that and please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me if you need any help completing the levels. well keep watching guys and keep an eye out for my new video’s I got a Tom Cruise funny video coming out soon.

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Baloons TD4 Gameplay Super Monkey


Hi guys

Hears a video of me playing Balloons TD4. its an addictive game where you have to position your cannons and monkeys ect to pop all the balloons. I had great fun playing it. If you would like to play it for yourself then check out the lin in the video description.

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Strike Force Heroes


Hi Guys

I have not been feeling well lately and I found that playing strike force heroes was fun and helped relieve a bit of stress. its important to take a break from time to time and have a bit of fun so hears part one of Strike force Heroes.

I hope enjoyed the gameplay…I wasn’t my normal energetic self as I wasn’t feeling well but I still try….keep watching as I will upload part 2 at some point.

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South Park gameplay – Cartmans Road Trip funny LOL ^ ^


Hi all

I just uploaded a new video. I’m playing a south park game called Cartmans Road Trip. You will see me play the game from start to finish and you will see video clips of Carman from the TV series. The link to play the game is in the video description on my youtube channel “dannyslifeandtravel” so please have a look, like subscribe and comment.

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