Speed Runner 1 cani beat the clock


Hi guys

I recently uploaded a Speed runner video so hear it is for all of you. This game was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it. the boss battles where really something. will I beat the clock and get away from the boss….well watch and find out.

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Happy Wheels 1 Chef Brown – Suck on my Cocolate salty balls


Hi guys

I recently uploaded a happy wheels gameplay video….it was really funny. My character reminds me of chef brown from south park and he gets a knife stuck in his ass at one point …funny.

I hope you enjoyed watching my game play and you should find the link to the game in the description of the video.

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Have a great day guys.

Strike force heroes part 3 mini me


Hi guys

Strike force heroe’s is back with an all epic cast. This time you get to see John Mc Clain stuck in a ventilation shaft feeling like a TV dinner and mini me makes a surprise guest appearance along with Austin Powers. This is really funny and I hope you guys enjoy it …not to mention the game play is great, I had a lot of fun making this so enjoy guys.

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