Travel to the Philippines – Weather


The Philippines has different weather for different times of the year so travellers should try to avoid periods where typhoons and flooding due to high rainfall is likely. mainly there’s the dry season from November to April and the wet season for the rest of the year. I have been to the Philippines in the months of September to October, January to February, February to march and May to June.

So what was my experience?

In January It was perfect, not to hot and not too cold. no flooding or typhoons or any weather related problems, just the perfect time of year. Generally if I go in the future I hope its between January and March. You don’t really need air conditioning  at this time of the year but a fan is recommended. I would also advise getting some mosquito repellent as I had a lot of mosquito bites and dengue fever is more prevalent in the rural area’s but you should be ok in the city’s. I should say I was in Tacloban city last year in January and I visited the MC Arthur monument. I also visited the Oriental hotel for a meal with friends so when the typhoon hit It was a chilling moment for me and reminded me that it could have so easily have been me stuck out there had I picked the wrong month to visit.

oriental hotel

mcarthur phili


In May and June it gets really hot. I found it hard to travel and move around as its so humid. Life can be unbearable if you don’t have air conditioning and I remember even when I was walking around towns or city’s I was always on the look out for air conditioned places like banks because for me they where like an oasis in the desert like heat. I remember taking a lot of baths in a day just to cool off but I don’t recommend taking a bath with warm or hot water. I tried this once and got a fever. I felt like it was messing with my internal body temperature regulation. Temperatures can vary between 26 and 42C depending on your location and time of the year.

In September I experienced the first typhoon of my life. it really was something, I remember going out on the river in a boat and we stopped to spend the night at an old Nipa hut. the next day the weather got bad and we couldn’t ago anywhere so I was stuck in the Nipa hut. the wind and rain really are something and the rain caused a lot of flooding. where there where paths to walk between Nipa huts now all you could see was water. We where isolated with no way out but luckily I always plan well and we had plenty of food. I think it lasted a couple of days and then cleared up so we where able to move on but the winds really can shake the hut and I thought it would all just break apart but I kept thinking in my mind, these people have lived hear for a grate many years and so the design of these huts must have evolved in order to cope with typhoons so it should be ok.





the Philippines is hit by around 20 typhoons and storms every year so I would say try not to go there in typhoon season as the temperature can change quickly and cause you to become ill. If I had a choice I would spend summer hear in the U.K and winter in the Philippines. Christmas and new year party’s must be fantastic out there.

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