Tom Cruise Freak funny LOL


Hi guys

I put this video together a few days ago. its a little funny and a little serious about the church of scientology. Have a look guys and tell me what you think.

I hope you enjoyed the video …I thought it was really funny and a little sad at the end knowing how the church has effected peoples lives.

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Happy Wheels 1 Chef Brown – Suck on my Cocolate salty balls


Hi guys

I recently uploaded a happy wheels gameplay video….it was really funny. My character reminds me of chef brown from south park and he gets a knife stuck in his ass at one point …funny.

I hope you enjoyed watching my game play and you should find the link to the game in the description of the video.

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South Park gameplay – Cartmans Road Trip funny LOL ^ ^


Hi all

I just uploaded a new video. I’m playing a south park game called Cartmans Road Trip. You will see me play the game from start to finish and you will see video clips of Carman from the TV series. The link to play the game is in the video description on my youtube channel “dannyslifeandtravel” so please have a look, like subscribe and comment.

If you liked this video then please have a look at my other video’s on my channel and please let me know what you think. If you would like me to make a video about a specific game or subject let me know and I will credit you with giving me the idea. I am always happy to talk with you guys and get some feedback.

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Rambo vs Barny and the Telly Tubbies funny LOL


Hi guys

I just uploading a new video…its just a bit of fun I hope you all like it . Rambo must come out of retirement for one last mission …he faces his toughest opponents yet ….Barney the Dinosaur and the Telly Tubbiest….but some how Elmo out smarts John and wins…how he did it remains a mystery…

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