1 Man Band Amazing


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Im back again with a 1 man band from Thai land …..enjoy

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Travel to Tacloban from Manila


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If you would like to know how to travel from manila in the Philippines to Tacloban then keep reading. This was meant to help people who wanted to go out there to join relief projects but if you would like to go visit as a tourist then it will also help you. There are 2 ways you can go to Tacloban the first is by airplane so I would recommend Philippines airline and if you book from Terminal 3 it should be around 4,500 peso per person. I have also tried Cebu Pacific but the prices generally seem to be higher but they get you there and journey time is 30 minutes . The second option is by bus for this you will have to go to the Bus terminal in Pasay, Manila and from there you will se signs for busses going to Tacloban. if you are not sure for any reason then just ask the bus conductor or the bus drivers and they will help you. You will board an eagle star bus to Tacloban and it should cost you around 1,200 peso. I say around 1,200 because that’s what it cost for a local person but for a foreigner the price might get a little inflated but knowing it should be 1,200 peso means you will know you are being ripped off if they ask for a lot more.  The journey time is 26 hours and you will be traveling by bus and ferry. The first part of your journey will be from Pasay to Matnog


map pili


Above you can see a Picture of the Eagle Star Bus and a map detailing the journey from Pasay in manila to Matnog. Just look at the yellow markers. Along the way The bus will stop and you will get a chance to get off, eat and go pee. To pee it costs 5 peso per person and for food your looking at paying  15 peso for rice, 70 peso for meat. 70 peso is around 1 U.K pound and around 1.56 US dollars. Vegetable dishes are 50 peso and soft drinks are around 25 peso depending on the size of the bottle. Once you get to Matnog Terminal the bus conductor should take care of everything so you don’t need to pay more for the ferry its all included but you do have to pay a terminal fee of 25 peso for one way passage so remember you will have to pay this again on your way back. You will have to wait around 2 hours for the ferry so in the meantime rest room/CR or toilets as we call them are available inside the terminal and if your hungry there’s a shop so you can buy a pot noodle for 35 peso and 5 peso for water. They also sell coffee’s and biscuits. I would advise bringing your own pack lunch as it is a long journey and it is very hard to sleep while traveling so make sure you get plenty of sleep before you set off.

The conductor of the bus will give you a ticket for the ferry and then you can board the ferry and you will also get a form to fill in. it will ask your name, gender, age, address and where your going.

As you can see its not very glamorous inside the ferry and the seats are not very comfortable.

but once you get going there’s a chance to enjoy the great view of the ocean while you travel to Allen. This is the second part of your journey from Matnog to Allen and this should take around 2 hours. From Allen you will board the eagle star bus again and it will take you to Catbalogan and then you will go from Catbalogan to Tacloban and this should take you 4 hours.


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Travel to the Philippines – My Journey and Shitty Shitty Bang Bang


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I made a new video about my journey to the Philippines and me experience. I use the GPS history from google to show my journey and I talk about how google makes it look like im flying in a car hahaha I call it shitty shitty bang bang instead of chitty chitty bang bang.


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Scuba diving in Boracay


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I just uploaded a video talking about my experience in Boracay scubadiving . I talk about how to get there,the cost, where I stayed, food and the location of the dive shop plus all the details to contact them.

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Travel To The Philippines – Street kids and Foriegners


The Philippines is a third world country and so it has a lot of poverty. You will find kids living on the streets in many places from Manila to Angeles. in popular tourist spots they will be begging and asking for money. When this happened to me I did feel harassed but I also consider what these kids go threw and the life they have living on the street. I remember thinking many times in my life “how can I invest and make progress in my life with the end goal of retiring” but these kids don’t have the opportunity to make money and save let alone invest for the future.


in most parts of the country you may find Filipino people living on the street but I have also seen an American begging on the streets. he looked like the guy from sopranos on T.V you know the head of the family the actor who died recently. I felt really bad for him and I really wanted to help him as I thought what if that was me. What terrible circumstance must he have been the victim of to end up like this and he wasn’t the only one I saw in trouble in the Philippines. I remember seeing a German guy in the immigration office when I was getting my visa extended. He didn’t have the money to buy a ticket and get home. I talked to some of the girls in Angeles and Manila and they told me some foreigners are like one day millionaires. They spend all there money in one day going to the bars and drinking, living the high life but they don’t think about tomorrow and how they will pay for food and accommodation.


The street kids in the Philippines don’t have a choice as they where born and raised on the streets and don’t know anything else but the foreigners they have a way out. All they have to do is contact there embassy for help and I’m sure they can borrow the money to buy a ticket and get home. Life in the Philippines can get really hard really quick if your not careful. if you don’t set a budget for your spending and if your the victim of crime you need contingency plans to deal with these situations. I recommend having a credit card, a bank card and a person you can depend on to send you money from your home country. I use the Zero current Account from Santander and the Clarity card from the Halifax as I believe these charge no exchange rate fee’s and the only fee you pay is for using the cash machine.



I would rather buy the street kids food than give them money because many have abusive parents where there father will like to drink instead of feed the family. So if you give them food they can eat but I don’t pretend that by giving money to the street kids we can solve there problems. Just like the USA homeless people are a result of the system set up by governments. Its the failure of government that results in people living on the street.

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Travel To Philippnes – Boracay video’s and More


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Some more video’s of me in Boracay Island and Manila. I love the dancing chef’s and fire dancers. This was a truly amazing experience and I enjoyed every moment. If I had more memory on my phone I would have made a lot more video’s

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All the video’s where made with the Samsung Galaxy S4