My How To Series


Hi all

I have started a How to Series on youtube and the video’s I have uploaded so far cover how to find a Job in the U.K and how to book a cheap flight.

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If you would like to contribute to my blog please get in touch. I am putting videos on hear instead of writing long articles because I think people like to watch video’s more than they like to read but if im wrong then please let me know and Ill write more.

Help – One to One sessions helping people with there problems


Hi all

I have been talking to people on facebook about there problems recently and I would like to invite all of you to come talk to me anytime you like about your problems and the situations your in. I am hear to help by listening and giving advice on any subject. In my life in every job I have had I have always been the guy people come to just to talk and get advice from so I realised I can do this on a much bigger scale. So hear I am.




Don’t suffer alone and never think you are alone in this world ………There’s always someone to talk to….

The video shows students having problems but please don’t think I only want to talk to students …..anyone is welcome.

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Cromebook Givaway


Hi all

I am giving away a Cromebook to one lucky winner. Its very simple all you do is view,like and subscribe to my video’s on youtube and you can be in with a chance of wining it.




I realised a lot of the people I talk to on my facebook (dannyslifeandtravel) are from poor countries like Thai Land so I decided to do this so even those who couldn’t normally buy a laptop or Cromebook can now have a chance of wining one. I am still lokking for idea’s o how to help poor people in these countries so if any of you have any idea’s please get in touch.

Good luck everyone I hope one of you is the lucky winner.

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