Travel to the Philippines – Shopping


Shopping in the Philippines a great way to see some amazing sights and pick up some bargains. Although I found manila to be expensive, I did find places outside manila to be better for buying your basic everyday needs. I did however enjoy visiting the malls all over the Philippines as they are like a 1 stop shop for all your needs with a few exceptions of course.

So where can you shop? I would say if your in manila the Mall Of Asia is one of the best places I have seen.



Its located next to manila bay and you can you see a beautiful sun set there. The mall has all the different kinds of shops you would look for as well as a variety of restaurants. It also has Cinema’s and the lay out is amazing. If your in Manila even if your not shopping its a place you must visit.




Just look for any Jeepney with MOA on it . MOA means Mall Of Asia. hears what a Jeepney looks like. look on the windscreen.



Other places you can go shopping would include :

Robinson Supermarket for grocery’s.


robinson supermarket


Pure Gold for grocery’s and electrical appliances




Robinson mall for everything from food to appliances, Cell phones and much more


Robinson mall



Local Markets for fruit and veg, meat fish and clothing ect



There’s also many stores on the side of the road selling supermarket items, furniture, appliances and much more. If you would like some bargains please contact me and I will put you in touch with local people I know who will go with you to the stores and get you a good deal.


Well I hope this was informative for all my readers. if you would like to buy a specific item and would like to get some real help please contact me by emailing . I know even if I put the location of each and every place you can go and buy things the fact that your a tourist or foreigner will mean your already getting a higher price so the best way is to send someone with you who will look after you and make sure your getting a good deal. I only use people I trust and that trust is established over a long period of time.

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Travel to the Philippines – Food


The Philippines have a variety of foods which is conveniently available in any town or city although in rural areas the variety of food is limited.

The following kinds of dishes can be found in the Philippines.

1)Local Filipino dishes

2) Food from Restaurants (national and international franchises)

3) Buffets at hotels ect with a mix of both national and international dishes.

Apart from the above dishes you will also find many snacks in the local markets. 7 elevens and street vendors.


1) Local Filipino dishes

You can find many roadside stalls selling local Filipino dishes or if you have friends who are Filipino then they might cook these dishes at home and especially at fiesta’s.





Adobo                                                      Afritada                                                      Asado




dannyslifeandtraveldannyslifeandtravelcrispy pata

Camaron rebosado                                            Chicken pastel                                   Crispy pata




Crispy tadyang ng baka                                              Daing                                                        Embutido

dannyslifeandtravelginiling picadilo


Escabeche                                            Giniling (Picadillo)

Please click on the link below for full information and recipe on each dish

Adobo –
Afritada –
Asado –
Camaron rebosado –
Chicken pastel –
Crispy pata –
Crispy tadyang ng baka –
Daing –
Embutido –
Escabeche –
Giniling (Picadillo) –

These are just a few of the local dishes but there are a lot more and too many to list hear.


2) Restaurants

Theirs a variety of restaurants which cover all kinds of food including Japanese, Italian, Indian, Cantonese, American franchises like Mc Donnalds, Mexican ect.

Hears some links to restaurants you wont find in the west or at least I haven’t seen in the U.K where I live.


I can recommend Inasal for basic foods like fish and rice for around 100 peso (£1.42 or $2.27US Dollars) and Gerry’s grill for a dine in experience wich should cost around 1,500 peso(£21.42 or $34 US Dollars. My recommendations are based on personal experience and may not be to everyone’s taste.

You will also find nearly all the restaurants you have in the west like:

McDonald’s, KFC, Subways ect (if you have any questions about any specific type of food please contact me and I will answer your questions)


3)Buffets at hotels ect.

This is the way I like to eat and im going to use just one restaurant to illustrate just how much variety you can find in one place.

Vikings in manila is one of the best places to eat from between 688peso to 888peso(£9.82 to £12.86 or $15.63 to $20.18 US Dollars) you can eat all you want


This place has nearly every kind of food you can think of. if you would like to know more please follow the link bellow.


Well I hope this post was helpful for all of you. I understand there are many foods I have not listed and some people might think I should list all of them but, my intention is to start a debate so people can talk and ask me specific questions in relation to there needs and then I can help them. If you feel there should be more added to any of my posts or that I have missed something then please email me a full post on food or anything else and I will post it hear and credit you. email me at


Life- The Stress of Life


We can experience a lot of stress in life , from paying the bills to arguments over petty things that seem meaningless later on or maybe where grieving for the loss of a loved one. We often think about our problems and believe we are alone and so we go on to suffer alone but this is not true. There are billions of people living in this world and you can be sure someone somewhere is going threw the same issues you are.




You can choose to reach out and talk about what your going threw. Many will find comfort in confiding in someone.




Threw talking about our issues we can feel a weight has been lifted and it can make us feel better along with helping us to move on.

Hear are some of the things I have learned in my experience to help you.

1)Always think positive

2)understand your feelings and how to deal with them.

3)Know when you can handle things on your own and when you need help.

4)Always be truthful to yourself



1) Always think positive


thinking posetive



Thinking positive will make you feel better and no matter how big your problems are they will pass, you will move on. Surrounding yourself with positive things will also help. In my experience I have tried positive music which is music that’s uplifting and energetic or music that’s calming and soothing. I have also surrounded myself with people who are always positive and happy. There positive and happy attitude would seem to effect me due to me just being near them.


2) understanding your feelings and how to deal with them.

You need to understand what made you feel the way you do. Is  it just someone’s opinion that they think in a negative way towards you and how does that effect your everyday life. If it doesn’t effect your everyday life meaning you can still have the basics i.e food, shelter, clothing ect. Then it really doesn’t matter what that person thinks. If its something much harder like a loved one has passed away then you need to deal the emotional fall out of that so surrounding yourself with positive, people ,actions, music ect will help you cope with the situation for the time being and time will heal the rest. These are just a couple of examples but if you would like to contact me just leave me a comment or email me and we can go threw your specific issues.


3)Knowing when you can handle things on your own and when you need help.




For the Harder issues like divorce, death ect. I would say always surround yourself with a good group of friends because as well as taking positive steps to make you smile  they will take your mind of your problems and yes there will be times when you will break down or when you need some time alone but don’t let yourself get stuck in these moments. reach out to friends and family and if talking to them is to hard then talk to me. I am a stranger so you don’t even have to give me your real name, just talk and if it helps you then that’s good and if it doesn’t then you don’t care right I’m just a stranger, you can stop talking to me anytime.


4) Always be truthful to yourself

Being truthful will save you time and a lot of pain. You know yourself better than anyone in the world. You know your strengths and weaknesses and your instinct will guide you. You know what you can deal with on your own and what you cant deal with. You know the kind of person you are, the real you. When you are truthful to yourself and look for the truth about how you feel and why you feel that way then you will get a clearer picture about what led you to where you are and how you can get out of your situation. Again I know there are many more complex issues people think about and they are to numerous to talk about hear so please contact me and we can talk about your specific issue and how being truthful to yourself can apply to your personal situation.

I hope everyone found this post to be helpful its just based on what I have gone threw so please like, comment, subscribe or contact me for a more one to one discussion about the stress in your life

The Life section of my blog is open to anyone who wants to share there life experiences in an effort to help others who may be going threw the same problems. Simply email me your story at   I will upload it in a post and credit you.

Travel to the Philippines – Currency


The Currency used in the Philippines is the Peso and there are 3 main ways to get your Peso’s.

1) By changing you money at a Money Changer

2) By using your Debit card or Credit card

3) By using Western Union


1) Using Money Changers

You can find money changers in nearly every town and city in the Philippines.

monwy changer phili1sm mall philimoney changer phili

You can find them on the high street and in malls. Many of these money changers claim not to charge a commission but really instead of charging you a commission, they just give you a low rate of exchange, so they make there money that way and in effect it really is a commission. You also need to be careful as they may double count the money in an attempt to steal from you so for example if they count 5 of the  20 peso bank notes to give you a hundred peso they might only have 4 of the 20 peso bank notes in there hand and they simply count 1 of the 20 peso bank note’s twice but this was a simple example, in reality they will do it when you try to exchange thousands of peso so if you have 100 bank notes then 5 can easily go missing without you noticing.


2)By using a Debit or Credit Card

Debit cards can be used in all cash/ATM  machines but you need to be careful some of them have higher charges but I have always used Metro bank cash machines, as I have found that they charge 200 peso (£2.85 or $4.54 US Dollars) per transaction and I normally take out 10,000 peso (£142.85 or $227.27US Dollars per transaction as this is the limit. Also keep in mind you can only take out 10,000 peso in a 24 hour period and I think this is in order to prevent fraud on your account. I have also found that you cant get your balance on screen at the ATM Machines so your kind of blind. I recommend you make sure you have enough money to begin with and then keep all your ATM receipts as this will help you keep track of how much money you have withdrawn.

Depending on what kind of Debit card you have you will get charged no exchange rate fees. I currently have a Santander Zero account and this has no fee’s of any kind but its no longer available so you need to do your research and find the card with either no exchange rate fees or the lowest fee’s. The debit card will also pay you the market rate and not what any money changer wants to pay you.In order to check the market rate please follow this link  It should take you to the Visa website and show you the rates. This is the site for European exchange rates and you may have to search the term “visa exchange rate” along with what ever country your form to get the rates your looking for. But if you just type that then it should give you options in Google like European or US ect.

Santander card


Credit cards can also be used at cash machines with the same charges but again this depends on the credit card your using. I use the Halifax Clarity card as this is the best one I have seen on the market. Again it has no exchange rate fees and it pays you the market rate. you can also check the up to date exchange rate at any given time by following this link   it should take you to a page that allows you to choose your base currency meaning the currency you use in your home country and then it will show you the rates for all other countries.

Halifax clarity card

3) By using Western Union

Western union can be used but I wouldn’t recommend it unless its an emergency and you have no other choice as this is one of the most expensive options you have, other than the money changers. You can find Western Unions in all towns and city’s of the Philippines as the country has a lot of its income coming in from other countries in the form of remittance. This means Filipino’s working in other countries send money home. I have used this method a couple of times and I have always found it expensive.


western union phili3western union phili4western union philiwestern union phili1western union phili2


Hears what the Philippines peso looks like and the different denominations

money of Philippines1

You can see 20 peso, 50 peso, 100peso, 200 peso, 500peso and 1,000money of Philippines1 peso bank notes.

coins phlippines1

Hear are the coins but I have not seen the 2 coins in the bottom right had corner of this picture namely the coin with the whole in it and the 10 centavo coin. However I have see the 25 centavo, 1 peso in the middle, the 5 and 10 pesos at the top. Mostly you will use the 1,5,10 peso coins and the bank notes. In all my years of going to the Philippines these are the denominations I used and nothing else.


Well That’s another post done and I hope everyone finds it informative but should you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Please like subscribe/follow and comment, I am always open to some feedback.



Travel to the Philippines – Accomodation


Finding a place to stay is not that hard depending on your location within the Philippines and also what kind of accommodation you looking for. If your looking for a place in a mainly tourist area then it will be a little harder but not impossible.

There are 4 kinds of accommodation you will find in the Philippines.



3)Staying with a friend



1) Hotel

Hotel’s are easy to find and from my experience they will always have rooms available. Hotels can be found in most towns and city’s and all you have to do is tell a tricycle driver to take you there.

trycycle phili

The picture above shows you what a Tricycle looks like but be careful as in most places from my experience if your a tourist they will try to rip you off. They don’t have meters and so you need to ask the driver how much it would cost to go there. Try to negotiate a better price or If your visiting the Philippines for the first time its best to have a local person with you  as they will know if the price your being charged is way too much.

If your going for a hotel then you could book in in advance and some do offer to pick you up from the airport but its only the supper expensive ones that offer this service. If your traveling for around 25 to 30 minutes it shouldn’t cost you more than 100 peso (£1.42 or 2.27 US Dollars). If they charge you a little more its ok but if they start to charge you hundreds of peso’s more then your being ripped off.

The best way to find a hotel is to get a Tricycle and tell the driver to take you to a hotel. Most drivers do speak English but for the one’s who don’t you can say this ” Kuya pumunta ako sa hotel” it means ” brother I want to go to the hotel”. Saying brother is a normal thing in the Philippines as many local residents will call each other brother or aunt, uncle ect.


The Hotels are normally easy to identify and most of them will have a guard outside. You can go to the reception which is normally located near the entrance and ask for a room. Remember to negotiate on prices especially if your staying for a week or a month. I would ask the rates and then ask what discount do I get for staying a month. The staff are always helpful and speak English. The Hotel itself will be very clean but again keep in mind you get what you pay for. The following are the rates for hotels and what to expect.

hotel phili

A) 1000 to 1500peso per night ( £14.28 to £21.42 or $22.72 to $34.09) – You can expect a clean room with clean towels but it wont be fantastic and if your lucky you might get a small soap. You can also expect to get a flat screen TV, double bed, western style toilet with shower and air con.(most don’t have hot water so check this out before you take the room if its important to you).

B) 2,000 to 3000 peso per night (£28.57 to £42.85 or $45.45 to $68.18) – You can expect to see a very professional, clean hotel with clean reception and professional staff along with amazing looking rest rooms (toilets or CR as they are know in the Philippines). The rooms themselves are nice and clean, with great views out the window. You will also get hot water, soap and fresh towels and air con.

C) 5,350 to 9,350 peso per night (£76.42 to £133.57 or $121.59 to $212.50 ) – You can expect to get the best of everything I mean this is living the high life.

hotelpili0hotel phili3Hotel phili1hotel phili 4phili5

You get everything you would get from a top end hotel and some of the rooms are completely crazy with mood lighting, light synchronized with your music and docking station for your phone.


2) Apartments

Again the tricycle driver can take you to look at all the local apartments for rent and there’s no real website that can help you with this although there are some who claim to offer apartments. In my experience these websites are not reliable and I have had one situation where a women agreed to me renting an apartment but then wouldn’t answer her phone after that so I don’t trust them.

The tricycle driver will take you around and it should cost no more than 200 peso in my experience and I was looking for a few hours again if he starts asking you for hundreds of pesos more then he is ripping you off. Keep in mind you will spend a lot of time getting out and talking to people so its not all riding around. You need to look for the signs outside houses saying apartment for rent an then go inside and ask to see the apartment. have a good look and even if its unfurnished which most are, don’t worry as it will cost less to furnish than it would to stay in a hotel.


Above you can see what an apartment looks like and this one was newly built so had no issues. The toilet or CR/ restroom is next to the kitchen. It has a shower and western style toilet. The apartment cost 3,000 peso per month (£42.85 or $68.18 US Dollars). Yes that’s right per month and after you put in furnishings it can cost around 13,000 peso.(£185.71 or $295.45 US Dollars) keep in mind I borrowed a table, chairs and fan. Electricity and water are not covered in the 13,000 peso so you should put around 2,000 peso (£28.57 or $45.45 US Dollars) aside for these. This should be enough for a 6 week stay. Some places have issues with water supply and the prices for water may vary a little, again when you get the apartment ask your land lord. Electricity also depends on usage but for me it was 700 peso (£10 or $15.90 US Dollars). This is one of the places I stayed and like me if you can make good friends then you can leave your furnishings with them for the next time you visit but remember you won’t spend all your time in the apartment and may choose to stay a few nights in a resort or hotel on the beach so plan your trip well and you will save money. Air con is another thing you need to think about and it all depends on what time of the year you go there. If your going between January and the end of March then I don’t think you need air con but a fan is a must. If you do need Air con the it should cost 2,600 peso (£37.14 or $59.09 US Dollars) for a small unit. Fan should cost you no more than 1500 peso (£21.42 or $34.09 US Dollars) Electricity cost is around 300 peso (£4.28 or $6.81US Dollars)a day for Air con but again it depends on usage

So again the full costs are:

Air con cost 2,600 peso (£37.14 or $59.09 US Dollars)

Apartment cost 3,000 peso per month (£42.85 or $68.18 US Dollars).

Cost of Mattress, eating utensils, gas stove, pitcher and glasses, gas cylinder with gas 10,000 peso ( £142.85 or $227.27 US Dollars).

Cost of Electricity and Water 2,000 peso (£28.57 or $45.45 US Dollars) for 6 weeks.

Total : 17,600 peso(£251.42 or $400 US Dollars) maximum, plus electricity cost of Air con.


3) Staying With a Friend

This is by far the cheapest option and if your friend has a car or van then it will also save you on the travel costs. I would still pay for the Electricity, Water and petrol for transportation. Keep in mind that most Filipino family’s have many people living in one small house so its common for people to be sleeping on the floor or on the couch. In some cases the bed your sleeping on was bought for a grandmother because she is ill and she has given it up for you. This happened to me once and I later found out the Mattress I was sleeping on belonged to there grandmother but in my case she was leaving to go visit other members of her family so me using it didn’t effect her.



You can find resorts quite easily by asking the tricycle driver to take you there. If he doesn’t speak English then again use the same sentence “Kuya pumunta ako sa hotel”  but instead of hotel you can use resort or apartment or even a different city. remember to ask “Magkano kuya” it means ” brother how much”. The resorts themselves are very nice but can be over crowded.

resort1 resort2 resort3 resort4 resort5

Some resorts and hotels also offer a buffet for customer and compared to western standards they are cheap, have very nice food but I shall cover food in a later post as there are so many places to eat and so many different kinds of food.

Resorts can cost between 1,600 to 2,800 peso per night (£22.85 to £40 or  $36.36 to $63.63US Dollars) and normally come with free breakfast and free access to the swimming pool. You also have the added flexibility of paying a little extra for another bed or to say for a few hours more. Rooms are generally clean with acceptable facility’s like shower and western style toilets.

Well that took me nearly 6 hours to put together. I hope people found it helpful and once again please like,comment, subscribe or if you can please leave some feed back.

About me ,who i am, My knowledge and experience


Hi and Welcome to my blog

My name is Danny and I’m a 31 year old U.K resident. I have worked from the age of 17 and I Have wife and daughter. In the past 13 years I have experienced a lot of change like many people. I have learned to adapt and change myself to become a better person who’s more organised and efficient. I have worked everywhere from the army, banking, factory’s, warehouses, community centre and owned my own businesses, hear and abroad. For all my trouble, hard work and suffering I have gone through taking myself out of my comfort zone what do I have to show for it…..well I have 2 houses I own outright and were bought for cash. I have a little money but now I have lost my job where I worked for over 9 years and I am going threw a divorce. So what am I doing now ….well I’m doing what I loved to do, my passion which has always been to help people. Even when I managed a business I would get customers who just loved to talk to me and tell me there problems and I would try to help them as best as I can. So this blog is my genuine and sincere attempt to help as many people as I can.

I have also travelled to the Philippines a few times and helped people out there set up businesses to help feed the people there. I believe I have already made a difference in so many peoples lives and its addictive so I’ll continue for as long as I can.

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The link bellow is of a video of my time in the Philippines along with a slide show of pictures

Travel to the Philippines – Getting from the Airport to your place of residence.


Getting from the Airport to where your staying is not that difficult and you have mainly 3 options.

1) Take a Taxi

2)Take the bus although you will have to take a taxi to the bus station

3) Get someone to pick you up in a van or a car.


Taking a Taxi

white taxi phili

This is quite easy to do as when you come out of the Airport you will find the taxi’s to your right. Although I find Taxi’s to be quite expensive its a lot cheaper than what we have in the U.K or US. Make sure you get the taxi driver to turn on the meter and another thing you can do to make sure your at least going in the right direction is to use the google maps on your cell phone or mobile phone as we call them hear in the U.K. I have used this method before but you will need access to the internet and I had a pocket wifi device with me at the time ( I will talk about pocket wifi and how to set one up in a later post). Anyway to give you some idea how much it should cost I will tell you it cost me 580 peso( £8.28 or $13.18 US Dollars) to catch a taxi to the bus station in 2010 and I had a local person with me. He did offer to take us all the way to Bulacan where I was spending my fist night for 3,000 peso which is around £42 or $68 US Dollars but as it was my first time there I didn’t know if that was reasonable or I was getting ripped off so I took the cheapest option.

Taking The Bus

bus phili

Like I said on my first Visit I was cautious so I took the cheapest option for travel just until I knew what the prices where ect. so we took the Taxi from the Airport to the bus station for 580 peso which is around £8.28 or  $13.18 US Dollars. The bus costs 55 peso(£0.78 or $1.25 US Dollars per person from Manila to Malolos in Bulacan.

Getting Someone to come pick you up in a van or a car

van phili

I did this for my other 3 visits as I realised after traveling for more than 14 hours with a 7 hour wait between flights, I am to tierd to take a bus and besides the first time I took the bus I felt sick. So how do you arrange this, well you need to have friends locally who will help you and organise this for you but the cost should be between 3000 and 3500 peso(£42 to £50 or $68 to $79 US Dollars). Its also important to note that if someone is coming to pick you up then you need to go out of the Airport, across the road and down the ramp and you will see from there that there are a lot of people waiting so that’s where you need to go.


Please keep in mind that it can take up to 4 hours to get out of Manila because the traffic is terrible but again this depends on what time you arrive and what the traffic is like on the day.

Note: Please do not allow the Taxi drivers to take you anywhere without the meter running unless you know exactly where your going and how much it should cost. I would also have a local person with me just in case it turns into an argument as the taxi drivers do try to rip off tourists. All taxi’s and some busses have Air con

Well I hope this helped you guys and feel free to comment, like or subscribe. if you have any questions I would be more than happy to answer them.