Travel to the Philippines – Fiesta’s


If your traveling to the Philippines for the first time and your lucky enough to participate in a Fiesta, you know its going to be an amazing experience.

The Philippines has fiesta’s nearly all year round with each different province or town celebrating in memory of some saint or other.



My experience of a Fiesta was in May of 2011 in Santa Cruz which is just up the river from Poambong, Bulacan. Well after a 30 or 45 minute ride from Poambong we stopped to rest at a nipa hut and say hi to the locals. My ass was in pain from sitting in that boat, I never could get comfortable in those wooden boats even if I had a pillow to sit on which is what I had on this occasion. So I would ask to take a break every hour or so. the river in Poambong itself is very dirty with a lot of garbage so although I say it took 30 to 45 minutes to get half way to Santa Cruz this was partly due to the garbage in the river getting caught in the motor and so the motor would stall. The fisherman would then reach down and take the garbage off the propeller before trying to restart the motor.



Once I had rested and played a little basket ball with the local on a basketball court in the middle of no where surrounded by fish ponds we proceeded on our journey to Santa Cruz. Another hour or so of travel and we where there. Santa Cruz is a small town on the edge of the sea. From what I saw it has a School, Church and a whole lot of boats. the people are friendly and welcoming.


We went to one house belonging to the aunt of a friend and inside everyone was hard at work preparing a lot of food for the fiesta. I liked the food but we where told to go outside as the procession was passing by the house. So I went outside and its like a parade, everyone walking along and people offering drinks and the marching band playing. I remember we joined the procession and it started raining but we just carried on marching threw the streets it was a lot of fun and they also had fireworks.


After all that I was hungry so it was back to the house for some food and I just kept eating. After the food we went to a few other houses and said hi and spent the night in the aunts house. It was a good experience and I enjoyed it.

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