Travel to the Phillipines – Beaches


The Philippines have many Islands with many beaches. Some are very beautiful and yet others have been ruined by garbage.

Boracay, Aklan

Boracay is one of my favourite places and I enjoyed my time there. The people are nice and it has amazing white sandy beaches. You have a choice of being on one side of the island with its station 1,2 and 3 where all the tourists are active.Its very busy with a lot going on, from restaurants and performers on the beach to activities like paragliding, boating, snorkelling and scuba diving. Or you can go to the other side of the island by walking or spending 100 peso(£1.48 or $2.27US Dollars) on a tricycle. Its so quiet and peaceful, you can see the sun rise on a clear day. I call it taking a break from your break. Your on holiday taking a break but one side of the island is to noisy for you so take a break from you break and see the quiet and peaceful side of the island. I should say that the other good thing about Boracay is that the karaoke and music stops after midnight so you can get some sleep. If you like your internet this place has plenty of wifi but so many people are using it so its too slow or doesn’t work.






El Nido, Palawan

Like Boracay this place is amazing with fine white beaches and clear waters and amazing views. It has a limestone formation that make you think your reading some treasure Island book with pirates and treasure hidden the caves. I read a story about how because of the melting of the polar ice the land was now bare in some parts of Greenland so people are applying for licenses to go and search the natural caves created by the ice in order to find diamonds and precious stones. I remember thinking about that when I first saw this place, I wondered what could be in those formations of stone and caves. It also has some of the best scuba diving spots where you can see whales, whale sharks, sea cows, manta rays, dolphins and endangered turtles.


El Nido, Palawan 1El Nido, Palawan2

El Nido, Palawan3



Samal, Davao

This is another place that’s becoming a busy tourist destination but  I don’t believe its a bad thing as I have seen how much the people of Boracay really care about there beaches and keep them clean. So if this place follows in Boracays footsteps then im sure it will be ok. Again you have amazing white sandy beaches and clear waters ideal for snorkelling and diving. It also has many resorts that can cater fro your every need




Panglao, Bohol

This place is common for visiting tourists looking for its perfect beaches along with its wide array of sea life. Diving hear is an amazing experience as you can expect to see dolphins, whales, barracuda, jackfish and sea snakes, although I enjoyed feeding the fish on my last diving trip. keep in mind to always equalize pressure in your ears because if you don’t do this properly then like me you may get an ear infection later. This island is also famous for having the endangered Philippines tarsier and its chocolate hills. If you would like more information on the chocolate hills then please refer to my earlier post Travel  to the Philippines – sight seeing


panglao bohol 2panglao bohol3


Pagudpud/Bangui, Ilocos Norte

This place is known as the Boracay of the north and is located at the northern tip of the island of Luzon. Its quiet and not very touristy but like the quiet side of Boracay its a peaceful place with views looking out onto the very blue sea. It can take a very long time to get to this place even if you have a car. But its worth it, sitting there you can think Taiwan is only around 260 miles to the north of you  and Hong Kong is only around 490 milles west of you. looking at google maps from that location I remember thinking they seem so close like you could swim to them. I enjoy looking at the maps as I travel, because I turn on the GPS and keep it on all the time google created a journey. its a line that starts from my home going half way around the world, traveling to different places and then back home again. it feels amazing to see that. If you ever travel to this place you will find it peaceful and quiet as it takes so long to get hear not many people bother. oh by the way if you really look hard enough you might find the only beach in the world with pink sand. Its sand mixed naturally with the coral over many years.


Ilocos Norte 1



Subic Beach near ollongopo city

This place has some amazing sights but sadly the garbage spoils it for me. The blue rock café located on the beach will look after you in terms of food but don’t expect the best food you have ever had. Although there are many other beaches with garbage on them like the ones I saw in Batangas, this is the only one I am mentioning hear but I also show some of the positives of this place by letting the pictures I took speak for themselves.







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