Travel to the Philippines – Shopping


Shopping in the Philippines a great way to see some amazing sights and pick up some bargains. Although I found manila to be expensive, I did find places outside manila to be better for buying your basic everyday needs. I did however enjoy visiting the malls all over the Philippines as they are like a 1 stop shop for all your needs with a few exceptions of course.

So where can you shop? I would say if your in manila the Mall Of Asia is one of the best places I have seen.



Its located next to manila bay and you can you see a beautiful sun set there. The mall has all the different kinds of shops you would look for as well as a variety of restaurants. It also has Cinema’s and the lay out is amazing. If your in Manila even if your not shopping its a place you must visit.




Just look for any Jeepney with MOA on it . MOA means Mall Of Asia. hears what a Jeepney looks like. look on the windscreen.



Other places you can go shopping would include :

Robinson Supermarket for grocery’s.


robinson supermarket


Pure Gold for grocery’s and electrical appliances




Robinson mall for everything from food to appliances, Cell phones and much more


Robinson mall



Local Markets for fruit and veg, meat fish and clothing ect



There’s also many stores on the side of the road selling supermarket items, furniture, appliances and much more. If you would like some bargains please contact me and I will put you in touch with local people I know who will go with you to the stores and get you a good deal.


Well I hope this was informative for all my readers. if you would like to buy a specific item and would like to get some real help please contact me by emailing . I know even if I put the location of each and every place you can go and buy things the fact that your a tourist or foreigner will mean your already getting a higher price so the best way is to send someone with you who will look after you and make sure your getting a good deal. I only use people I trust and that trust is established over a long period of time.

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