Travel to the Philippines – Food


The Philippines have a variety of foods which is conveniently available in any town or city although in rural areas the variety of food is limited.

The following kinds of dishes can be found in the Philippines.

1)Local Filipino dishes

2) Food from Restaurants (national and international franchises)

3) Buffets at hotels ect with a mix of both national and international dishes.

Apart from the above dishes you will also find many snacks in the local markets. 7 elevens and street vendors.


1) Local Filipino dishes

You can find many roadside stalls selling local Filipino dishes or if you have friends who are Filipino then they might cook these dishes at home and especially at fiesta’s.





Adobo                                                      Afritada                                                      Asado




dannyslifeandtraveldannyslifeandtravelcrispy pata

Camaron rebosado                                            Chicken pastel                                   Crispy pata




Crispy tadyang ng baka                                              Daing                                                        Embutido

dannyslifeandtravelginiling picadilo


Escabeche                                            Giniling (Picadillo)

Please click on the link below for full information and recipe on each dish

Adobo –
Afritada –
Asado –
Camaron rebosado –
Chicken pastel –
Crispy pata –
Crispy tadyang ng baka –
Daing –
Embutido –
Escabeche –
Giniling (Picadillo) –

These are just a few of the local dishes but there are a lot more and too many to list hear.


2) Restaurants

Theirs a variety of restaurants which cover all kinds of food including Japanese, Italian, Indian, Cantonese, American franchises like Mc Donnalds, Mexican ect.

Hears some links to restaurants you wont find in the west or at least I haven’t seen in the U.K where I live.


I can recommend Inasal for basic foods like fish and rice for around 100 peso (£1.42 or $2.27US Dollars) and Gerry’s grill for a dine in experience wich should cost around 1,500 peso(£21.42 or $34 US Dollars. My recommendations are based on personal experience and may not be to everyone’s taste.

You will also find nearly all the restaurants you have in the west like:

McDonald’s, KFC, Subways ect (if you have any questions about any specific type of food please contact me and I will answer your questions)


3)Buffets at hotels ect.

This is the way I like to eat and im going to use just one restaurant to illustrate just how much variety you can find in one place.

Vikings in manila is one of the best places to eat from between 688peso to 888peso(£9.82 to £12.86 or $15.63 to $20.18 US Dollars) you can eat all you want


This place has nearly every kind of food you can think of. if you would like to know more please follow the link bellow.


Well I hope this post was helpful for all of you. I understand there are many foods I have not listed and some people might think I should list all of them but, my intention is to start a debate so people can talk and ask me specific questions in relation to there needs and then I can help them. If you feel there should be more added to any of my posts or that I have missed something then please email me a full post on food or anything else and I will post it hear and credit you. email me at



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