Travel To Phillipines – Visa


Immigration    I have travelled to the Philippines islands 4 times in the past 4 years so I have extensive knowledge about all the problems you can encounter.

Hears how to deal with the Visa extension effectively so you can enjoy your holiday in peace.

When you take a holiday to the Philippines you will always arrive at NAIA Terminal 1 that’s the Ninoy Aquino International Airport so hears what you do step by step

1) Follow the all the other passengers that where with you on the flight and you will get to passport control.

2) Ask the officer there to give you the 21 day Visa.

3)Go to the luggage carousel and get your luggage (this can take some time).


4) Go outside and hopefully like me you will have someone meeting you there so you can give them your luggage and get 3000 peso from them.

5) You go back inside and where you got the 21 day visa look to your right and you will see a small office so you go in there its the Immigration office.

6) you ask them for a Visa extension (keep in mind if your only staying for less than 21 days then you don’t need this but I stay for 5 or 6 weeks normally).

7)Pay the Visa extension fee it should be less than 3000 peso and the extension will allow you to stay in the country for 59 days and give the officer your passport.

Visa Extension reciept

8)Wait for your passport and once you get it back you will also get a receipts and paper work. You can see from the pictures hear that it costs 2,248.50 peso for the Visa extension and research fee’s plus 500 peso for the express lane fee coming to a total of 2,748.50 peso which is around £39 or $62 US Dollars.

Visa Extension reciept2

9) Take your paper work to the counter where you got the 21 days Visa and ask the officer to extend it for you.

10) Visa is done so go back outside and enjoy your holiday.

I do this method as it means I don’t have to worry about my visa while I’m there but if you have the 3000 peso then you don’t need to go out side and come back in you can just go straight to the immigration office and get the visa extension first and then go to the counter and he will stamp it for you with the 59 day visa on there. I also do not use the money changers inside the airport as they are too expensive so I always ask a friend to bring that money for me and I pay them back by going to an ATM machine near to where I am staying the first night and I can use my Santander Zero account which has no exchange rate fees ect and you only have to pay 200 peso for using the cash machine. Keep in mind you can only take out 10k from the cash machine in 24 hours so don’t panic and take out 10k everyday for the first few days and you will be fine.

Well I hope this helped some one out there, feel free to contact me if you have any questions. like, comment and subscribe.



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