Travel To The Philippines – Video’s


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Hears some more video’s of my holiday in the Philippines. Please read the description for each video for more information. I got walking on the beach, cock fights, a dancing whale and Acrobats from Africa.

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I hope these video’s are informative and entertaining while showing you how you can have a great time on holiday in the Philippines. Please contact me if you would like to know how to get to these places from your current location and what you can expect to pay ect. Please like Subscribe and comment.


Travel to the Philippines – Video


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I made a video of my holiday in the Philippines this year. the video has some of the pictures I took while I was out there and at the end there’s some video footage. Please click on the link below to watch the video.



My Journey starts From Manchester to Abhu Dhabi and then I have a few hours to wait for my flight to Manila. I travel from Manila to Malolos bulacan, Subic and then on to Boracay Island. I did visit other places but I didn’t have enough storage in my phone to make video’s.

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Travel to the Philippines – Fiesta’s


If your traveling to the Philippines for the first time and your lucky enough to participate in a Fiesta, you know its going to be an amazing experience.

The Philippines has fiesta’s nearly all year round with each different province or town celebrating in memory of some saint or other.



My experience of a Fiesta was in May of 2011 in Santa Cruz which is just up the river from Poambong, Bulacan. Well after a 30 or 45 minute ride from Poambong we stopped to rest at a nipa hut and say hi to the locals. My ass was in pain from sitting in that boat, I never could get comfortable in those wooden boats even if I had a pillow to sit on which is what I had on this occasion. So I would ask to take a break every hour or so. the river in Poambong itself is very dirty with a lot of garbage so although I say it took 30 to 45 minutes to get half way to Santa Cruz this was partly due to the garbage in the river getting caught in the motor and so the motor would stall. The fisherman would then reach down and take the garbage off the propeller before trying to restart the motor.



Once I had rested and played a little basket ball with the local on a basketball court in the middle of no where surrounded by fish ponds we proceeded on our journey to Santa Cruz. Another hour or so of travel and we where there. Santa Cruz is a small town on the edge of the sea. From what I saw it has a School, Church and a whole lot of boats. the people are friendly and welcoming.


We went to one house belonging to the aunt of a friend and inside everyone was hard at work preparing a lot of food for the fiesta. I liked the food but we where told to go outside as the procession was passing by the house. So I went outside and its like a parade, everyone walking along and people offering drinks and the marching band playing. I remember we joined the procession and it started raining but we just carried on marching threw the streets it was a lot of fun and they also had fireworks.


After all that I was hungry so it was back to the house for some food and I just kept eating. After the food we went to a few other houses and said hi and spent the night in the aunts house. It was a good experience and I enjoyed it.

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Travel to the Philippines – Weather


The Philippines has different weather for different times of the year so travellers should try to avoid periods where typhoons and flooding due to high rainfall is likely. mainly there’s the dry season from November to April and the wet season for the rest of the year. I have been to the Philippines in the months of September to October, January to February, February to march and May to June.

So what was my experience?

In January It was perfect, not to hot and not too cold. no flooding or typhoons or any weather related problems, just the perfect time of year. Generally if I go in the future I hope its between January and March. You don’t really need air conditioning  at this time of the year but a fan is recommended. I would also advise getting some mosquito repellent as I had a lot of mosquito bites and dengue fever is more prevalent in the rural area’s but you should be ok in the city’s. I should say I was in Tacloban city last year in January and I visited the MC Arthur monument. I also visited the Oriental hotel for a meal with friends so when the typhoon hit It was a chilling moment for me and reminded me that it could have so easily have been me stuck out there had I picked the wrong month to visit.

oriental hotel

mcarthur phili


In May and June it gets really hot. I found it hard to travel and move around as its so humid. Life can be unbearable if you don’t have air conditioning and I remember even when I was walking around towns or city’s I was always on the look out for air conditioned places like banks because for me they where like an oasis in the desert like heat. I remember taking a lot of baths in a day just to cool off but I don’t recommend taking a bath with warm or hot water. I tried this once and got a fever. I felt like it was messing with my internal body temperature regulation. Temperatures can vary between 26 and 42C depending on your location and time of the year.

In September I experienced the first typhoon of my life. it really was something, I remember going out on the river in a boat and we stopped to spend the night at an old Nipa hut. the next day the weather got bad and we couldn’t ago anywhere so I was stuck in the Nipa hut. the wind and rain really are something and the rain caused a lot of flooding. where there where paths to walk between Nipa huts now all you could see was water. We where isolated with no way out but luckily I always plan well and we had plenty of food. I think it lasted a couple of days and then cleared up so we where able to move on but the winds really can shake the hut and I thought it would all just break apart but I kept thinking in my mind, these people have lived hear for a grate many years and so the design of these huts must have evolved in order to cope with typhoons so it should be ok.





the Philippines is hit by around 20 typhoons and storms every year so I would say try not to go there in typhoon season as the temperature can change quickly and cause you to become ill. If I had a choice I would spend summer hear in the U.K and winter in the Philippines. Christmas and new year party’s must be fantastic out there.

Well I hope this was informative. I have tried to provide information where I could but if you would like more detail then please contact me or if you would like to contribute to the post then please email me a post,I will add it hear and credit you. Please like, subscribe and comment. (copy right 2014)

Life -Financial Success


Financial success has different meanings for different people but I will talk about what it means for me and how I achieved what small and limited success I have had in my life.

I was taught at the age of 16 or 17 by people around me and the education system that you need to make enough money to pay your bills and survive. I followed this advice for a time and the following diagram illustrates what I went threw.




After a time  I realised that I was not achieving anything and that the constant stress of the situation was effecting my health and my life in general. So I decided to change my life and get to a point where I can have some king of progress every year. The following diagram illustrates how I changed my life.









Now I know many people will say its impossible to do what I did and I would even get managers at my place of work saying “but how do you do that “and that’s after I have explained it to them because there minds are fixed on a certain way of living. So hears what I did.

1)I lived by necessity


3) Invested in things that make money

I’l go threw each one of these one by one and show you how its done.


1) Living by necessity

This is the most important one for me because I find this the hardest one to do and I think most people will find it hard to live by necessity. So what does it mean to live by necessity well you only spend money on things you absolutely need like food, water, electricity, gas, house tax, internet and travel to or from work. That’s it and don’t spend money on anything else. If your making a wage that only meets the national minimum wage, this will still work for you. You just can’t spend on things other than these, now I know you will have to buy clothes from time to time and that’s fine but I will say only buy clothes you will wear and only have a few pairs of clothes and shoes.


2) Saving

If you live by necessity you will have money left over to save and it may be small to begin with depending on how much you spend on your basic needs but don’t loose hope this is just the beginning. I wold say start looking for safe ways to save your money and get a return so for example you put it in bank accounts that may pay you interest even if its small its better than nothing.



When you invest in things you have 3 types of investments

a) No risk

b) Acceptable risk

c) High risk

a)no risk investments are the ones where you know you can easily get your money out anytime you like so for example if your living in London we know the house prices are constantly going up so if you buy a house there for cash you can sell it quickly without having to wait for years and without the risk of falling house prices.( now  know house prices have fallen in recent years but in London they have bounced back and grown)

b) Acceptable Risk

Again im going to use houses as and example for this. so if you buy a house in a location other than London you may get a grater percentage return in terms of rental income compared to London but the risk is a little higher as the house prices could fall. keep in mind the example is based on buying a house for cash so in the long term you can easily cope with periods with no rent which means your in a better position to wait out the bad times and wait for your house to increase in price.(location is key in this example and I use the rule” invest only in what you know” so if you don’t know the area then don’t invest there.

c) High risk investments are the ones where you have a high chance of loosing your money like  starting a business, stocks and shares ect. I have never taken high risk but I have always dodged a bullet many times as things that my look like they are acceptable risk investments may later become high risk investments and the key to avoiding these situations is research. make sure you know anything and everything you can about your potential investments. Don’t allow people or the situation your in to rush you into making decision. Take your time even if it costs a little extra money.

Listen to your instinct it will tell you when something is not right. Only invest when you feel comfortable investing.

manage your risk by planning in 3 stages how to get in , contingency’s in case things go wrong and how to get out with as much of your investment as possible.


Well I hope this was informative. I have tried to provide information where I could but if you would like more detail then please contact me or if you would like to contribute to the post then please email me a post,I will add it hear and credit you. Please like, subscribe and comment. (copy right 2014)

Travel to the Phillipines – Beaches


The Philippines have many Islands with many beaches. Some are very beautiful and yet others have been ruined by garbage.

Boracay, Aklan

Boracay is one of my favourite places and I enjoyed my time there. The people are nice and it has amazing white sandy beaches. You have a choice of being on one side of the island with its station 1,2 and 3 where all the tourists are active.Its very busy with a lot going on, from restaurants and performers on the beach to activities like paragliding, boating, snorkelling and scuba diving. Or you can go to the other side of the island by walking or spending 100 peso(£1.48 or $2.27US Dollars) on a tricycle. Its so quiet and peaceful, you can see the sun rise on a clear day. I call it taking a break from your break. Your on holiday taking a break but one side of the island is to noisy for you so take a break from you break and see the quiet and peaceful side of the island. I should say that the other good thing about Boracay is that the karaoke and music stops after midnight so you can get some sleep. If you like your internet this place has plenty of wifi but so many people are using it so its too slow or doesn’t work.






El Nido, Palawan

Like Boracay this place is amazing with fine white beaches and clear waters and amazing views. It has a limestone formation that make you think your reading some treasure Island book with pirates and treasure hidden the caves. I read a story about how because of the melting of the polar ice the land was now bare in some parts of Greenland so people are applying for licenses to go and search the natural caves created by the ice in order to find diamonds and precious stones. I remember thinking about that when I first saw this place, I wondered what could be in those formations of stone and caves. It also has some of the best scuba diving spots where you can see whales, whale sharks, sea cows, manta rays, dolphins and endangered turtles.


El Nido, Palawan 1El Nido, Palawan2

El Nido, Palawan3



Samal, Davao

This is another place that’s becoming a busy tourist destination but  I don’t believe its a bad thing as I have seen how much the people of Boracay really care about there beaches and keep them clean. So if this place follows in Boracays footsteps then im sure it will be ok. Again you have amazing white sandy beaches and clear waters ideal for snorkelling and diving. It also has many resorts that can cater fro your every need




Panglao, Bohol

This place is common for visiting tourists looking for its perfect beaches along with its wide array of sea life. Diving hear is an amazing experience as you can expect to see dolphins, whales, barracuda, jackfish and sea snakes, although I enjoyed feeding the fish on my last diving trip. keep in mind to always equalize pressure in your ears because if you don’t do this properly then like me you may get an ear infection later. This island is also famous for having the endangered Philippines tarsier and its chocolate hills. If you would like more information on the chocolate hills then please refer to my earlier post Travel  to the Philippines – sight seeing


panglao bohol 2panglao bohol3


Pagudpud/Bangui, Ilocos Norte

This place is known as the Boracay of the north and is located at the northern tip of the island of Luzon. Its quiet and not very touristy but like the quiet side of Boracay its a peaceful place with views looking out onto the very blue sea. It can take a very long time to get to this place even if you have a car. But its worth it, sitting there you can think Taiwan is only around 260 miles to the north of you  and Hong Kong is only around 490 milles west of you. looking at google maps from that location I remember thinking they seem so close like you could swim to them. I enjoy looking at the maps as I travel, because I turn on the GPS and keep it on all the time google created a journey. its a line that starts from my home going half way around the world, traveling to different places and then back home again. it feels amazing to see that. If you ever travel to this place you will find it peaceful and quiet as it takes so long to get hear not many people bother. oh by the way if you really look hard enough you might find the only beach in the world with pink sand. Its sand mixed naturally with the coral over many years.


Ilocos Norte 1



Subic Beach near ollongopo city

This place has some amazing sights but sadly the garbage spoils it for me. The blue rock café located on the beach will look after you in terms of food but don’t expect the best food you have ever had. Although there are many other beaches with garbage on them like the ones I saw in Batangas, this is the only one I am mentioning hear but I also show some of the positives of this place by letting the pictures I took speak for themselves.







Well I hope this was informative. I have tried to provide information where I could but if you would like more detail then please contact me or if you would like to contribute to the post then please email me a post,I will add it hear and credit you. Please like, subscribe and comment. (copy right 2014)

Travel to the Philippines – Sightseeing


There are many sights to see in the Philippines and travel is relatively easy with plenty of buses and Vans taking you there.Although depending on where you are in the Philippines you may have to take a boat or flight. Taking a boat is a lot cheaper so for example if you took a bus and boat from manila to go see the McArthur monument in Tacloban city ( I hope its still standing after the typhoon there and if your do travel there please check with your embassy to see if its safe to travel there as the last information I had was crime was rampant). So to get there it would cost you around 2,000 peso (£28.57 or $45.45US Dollars) but keep in mind the Journey time is more than 24 hours or you can take a flight from manila and including the waiting time for you flight it should take no more than a few hours. The actual flight is only half an hour long but the cost can be 4 or 5,000 peso or even more depending on what airline you take. I took Cebu Pacific Airlines.

Hears some of the sights you can see in the Philippines.

Rice Terraces

The Banaue Rice Terraces are Carved from the mountain thousands of years ago by the local Ifugao tribe, these amazing rice terraces allow the locals to plant rice and vegetables. it really is an amazing sight to behold.The Batad Rice Terraces are located in Barangay Batad in Banaue at the following address:Nueva Vizcaya – Ifugao – Mountain Province Rd, Banaue, Philippines.




Chocolate hills

The Chocolate hills are almost symmetrical and the biggest is almost 165 feet high. They are covered in grass and it is this grass that turns brown in the dry season to give them the appearance of chocolate. This makes them one of the top tourist attractions in the Philippines. They are an unusual geological formation that comprise more than a thousand individual mounds. They are made of limes stone covered with clay and can be found in Bohol province of the Philippines at the following address: Loay Interior Rd, Carmen, Philippines.


chocolate hills


San Agustin Church, Manila

The San Augustin Church is a Roman catholic church and was built in 1589, is made of stone and is one of the oldest churches in the Philippines having survived earthquakes and fires. Geovanni Dibella an Cesar Alberoni are the Italian artists who painted the amazing ceiling. its interior is of Mexican design with beautiful carvings on the door.its located in Manila and can be found at the following address:Gen. Luna St, Maynila, Philippines.


san augustin church


Mayon Volcano

The best place to look at the volcano is from Cagsawa ruins. The volcano stands at more than 8,000 feet above sea level and is one of the most active volcanoes in the Philippines, having erupted many time in the past 400 years. you can go camping, climbing, hiking and bird watching as part of your visit. It is located on the eastern side of Luzon near the Philippines Trench. The location  or address is :Mayon Mayon Volcano National Park, Malilipot, Philippines


manon volcano phili


Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera has the best beaches and diving spots with a diversity of marine life. If you visit this place make sure to go snorkelling and diving amongst the coral reefs and ship wrecks, it truly is amazing and an experience you will not forget. White Beach and Sabang Beach are among the more popular beaches and offer dining, shopping, nightlife and hotel accommodation. located across from Batangas, you can take a bus from Manila to Batangas and it should cost you 155 peso per person  (£2.21 or $ 3.52US Dollars) and from there its a boat ride.



peurto glara


Puerto Princesa Underground River

Located within the national park this river has the worlds longest navigatable underground river known as the Princesa Subtarranean River. Puerto Princesa has a great variety of wild life and is a truly amazing place to visit. Location is on the northern coast of Palawan. Address: Western Visayas, Philippines


peuto princessa underground river phili



This is the place to see the whale sharks. Dosol is a fishing village and is located in the province of Sorogon, with amazing beaches and waterfalls. you can also visit the caves nearby. The whale sharks can be seen for 7 months between November and June, with the most sightings between February and May. At night you can see an amazing lights display when the fire flies are out on a clear night. located at the south of Luzon island


dosol phili


This has to be one of the most amazing if not the most amazing place to visit. I stayed hear on my last visit at Villa Dioro. I had a room with a balcony where you can sit and look at the beach. This is a high tourist area and I met a lot of people form all different nationalities, Russians, Chinese, Korean, American, British ect. theres a variety of food so you wont go hungry no matter what your taste. There’s many activities from Para gliding to scuba diving. I went scuba diving and on an RTV up the mountain. For all activities never accept the first offer you get and always negotiate it down. I was offered scuba diving at 3500 peso but ended up paying 1,000 peso for a group dive. There are people offering full certification courses for 30,000 peso but I got certified for 200 peso. It is truly one of the most amazing places I have been to. a meal at the true India restaurant during the day was really amazing with views over the beach. located at Boracay Island Malay, Philippines. I got a flight out of terminal 3 in manila for 4,500 peso return to Kalibo and from there you take a van for 55 peso to Caticlan with a half hour boat ride to Boracay. Remember to keep a few hundred peso with you for terminal fees ect.












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